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Quartz Pieces

Thermally Grown Quartz Crystal

Our crystal products are created from the purest form crystal in the world. We use thermally grown quartz crystal, from Russia. It was originally developed for the electronics industry, which needs the purest crystal. This crystal is grown under intense heat and pressure from seeds of naturally occuring crystals, to which it is identical in structure and electromagnetic properties. Other natural minerals are added to give it it's rich color, such as the cobalt in the Russian Blue. IT IS NOT SYNTHETIC. Science has simply reproduced the lengthy process which nature follows.

This method reduces the need to mine naturally formed crystal, of which only a small percentage is pure. We had also discovered that rounded crystals provide the greatest strength of broadcasting abilities. In naturally occuring "facet like" crystals, beams of energy ricochet off the flat surfaces of the crystal, and thus are scattered and wasted. By carving the crystal into rounded and polished shapes, they broadcast a stronger electromagnetic energy.

Crystals used in healing.

Crystals have been used in healing for thousands of years, by ancient cultures all over the world. Quartz helps the body by bringing in more life force energy and balancing through all the systems of the body. When worn as a necklace it helps to balance your energy throughout the day. As a massage tool it directs the energy right where it's needed. It can be used on specific parts of the body where it is needed.