Mayan Ruins at Palenque


Tipi's and Mayan Calendar
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Mayan products
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More about the Mayan Culture.

Learn more about the Mayan people. This website has information about the true Mayan Calendar, called the Tzolkin, which is still used by the Mayan people of Guatemala. Learn about what the calendar means and how it relates to the year 2012. You'll find easy to use Mayan calendars so you can determine the energy of any day of the year, as well as your own personal Mayan Astrology. Other products are available, including books on the Mayan Culture and more Mayan jewelry.
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On this website, you can also find more of our products by clicking on Market, and Mayan Gem Stone Carvings. Or, for some of our older products go back to the home page and click on Learning Lab, and then Mayan Sculpture Gallery. Have fun exploring all there is to see!

La Puerta
La Puerta


Relax in a tropical paradise. Sleep in tipi's, like the Native Americans, participate in a sweat lodge ceremony, walk to waterfalls and scenic overlooks. Our retreat is located in Amatlan, Morelos, Mexico, just one and a half hours south of Mexico City. Close to Tepoztlan, Xochicalco, and many other wonderful places to visit. Whether traveling solo, or with a group, you will enjoy this quiet getaway.

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Huichol Tipi
Tipi painted
by Huichol Indians

Buy a Tipi of your own.

Living Tipi's
We make tipi's using authentic Lakota-Souix design. Painted or plain. All sizes available. Great for any outdoor living experience!
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